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PatriciaBY-Peers Leeds Member
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Last night I had the privilege of attending an absolutely amazing networking event hosted by BYP network x Sky and I can’t contain my excitement! The atmosphere was electric, all driven by a common goal of connecting, learning & growing together. A place where the ‘Black community’ can see what is possible if you have a dream, just don’t quit. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Patience N. for being such an inspiration


Everything you need to know about the BY-Peers.

BY-Peers is a global community of black professionals that connects members across different cities and industries.

BY-Peers offers opportunities for members to network, share knowledge, and support one another in their personal and professional growth.

You can become a member of BY-Peers by visiting our website and following the instructions to sign up.

No, there is no  fee to join BY-Peers. 

Members of BY-Peers receive access to networking events, online communities, mentorship opportunities, and exclusive content and resources.

BY-Peers operates in multiple cities around the world. You can check our website to see if we have a chapter in your city.

The frequency of BY-Peers networking events varies depending on the location and chapter. You can check our website or contact your local chapter for more information.

Yes, BY-Peers has an online community where members can connect with one another and share knowledge and resources. 

BY-Peers caters to black professionals in a wide range of industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, media, and more.

BY-Peers supports its members’ personal and professional growth through mentorship programs, educational resources, career development workshops, and access to industry experts.

Yes, BY-Peers has partnerships with over 1,000 companies and organizations to provide exclusive opportunities and resources to our members.

Yes, non-black organizations can partner with BY-Peers to support its mission and provide opportunities for its members.

No, BY-Peers is open to black professionals from 18 years of age and above, from recent graduates to experienced professionals.

BY-Peers takes the privacy and safety of its members very seriously and has measures in place to protect personal information and ensure safe interactions at events and online.

Yes, BY-Peers offers leadership opportunities for its members, including  leading local chapters.

Yes, members of BY-Peers can suggest events or activities to their local chapter or the organization’s leadership team.

Yes, BY-Peers provides job opportunities and career resources for its members through the job board having established partnerships with companies and organizations.

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